Institut für Angewandte Kulturelle Bildung
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The "Institut für Angewandte Kulturelle Bildung" (Applied Cultural Education) is a theatre, educational establishment and research facility at the same time. Artists and cultural educationalists connect the fields of art, culture, youth work as well as school and develop innovative learning cultures. Together with young people as well as directors, actors, musicians, painters and dancers, exemplary project performances prosper with the help of artistic methods. Public performances mostly take place in theatres or at other places which are temporary used as a theatre.

Arisen from the "Junges Landestheater Bayern" (Young Regional Theatre of Bavaria), the Institut für Angewandte Kulturelle Bildung is going on developing the artistic and cultural educational work. It creates and investigates new (inter-)cultural learn and education facilities which are located in the daily school life as well as outside of the school.

“If young people understand their individual cultural conflicts, they also understand the cultural conflicts of the world and the other way around: If they understand the global cultural worlds, they also understand their own cultural-based family-, social classes- and clique conflicts. In this way, which we understand as a social and intercultural educational process, an common understanding of culture can be developed which is characterized by toleration.” Tom Biburger